Your Future Starts With Finding
The Best Talent

Mpowered Staffing is the leading recruiting firm in the Bay Area and beyond, partnering with top companies and the best finance and accounting talent to build your team into the future.

Our Aim

We aim to optimize your workforce. In order to better understand your personnel needs and business operations, we partner directly with your organization. Whenever you require it, we assist you in rapidly and effectively filling employment openings with qualified medical specialists.

Our Solutions to your staffing needs are:

Temporary /Per Diem

Flexible staffing solutions for short-term or on-demand staffing needs. Access to qualified and experienced temporary or per diem workers to meet your immediate staffing requirements.


The perfect solution for evaluating a candidate's performance before making a permanent hiring decision. Provides an opportunity to assess a candidate's fit with your organization's culture, values, and work environment.

Direct Hire

We offer comprehensive recruitment service for finding top-quality talent for Direct/Permanentpositions in your organization/Business.

A Better Way to Find the Talent You Need

Our exclusive network of finance and accounting talent can move teams forward through any challenge or opportunity.

Benefits of partnering with us

Save Time and Resources

Less time spent managing hundreds of unqualified applicants and getting the right ones through the hiring steps. We will handle the entire end-to-end process, instead of wasting countless hours of your's of your team's time.


Quickly fill in staffing gaps whether short-term or long-term with placements such as temporary, temp-to-perm, or permanent.


Help eliminate expensive resources and hours wasted not getting the results you need to grow.


We can provide guidance regarding staffing best practices, industry trends, and career development.

Partner with Mpowered Staffing

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